Tin's Homepage

Welcome to my website. This is a simple page I keep up to have an online presence. Made with Python and some templating (find out how), it's my little corner of the internet.

Some might say it's too drab. I'd say it's to the point.

Who am I?


A software engineer that does this job with and for passion. I enjoy science behind computing, and I love a good puzzle that needs solving. As you might've guessed - my name is Tin. Surname's Marković (unicode, yay!).

Majority of the time I work in Kiwi.com. I am currently an engineering manager in the FinTech department there, managing teams of ~20 engineers. My primary mission there is establishing an effective team of happy developers, that can bear the stresses and challenges of financial software. From ancient interfaces, to reliability and robustness requirements - FinTech department is a challenging but rewarding problem space.

On occassion I speak publicly about software engineering best practices and management of projects, from the engineering side of things. Find links to those here or in the header.

I always enjoy a good cup of tea and a book. I occassionally game, whether it's on a board or watching a screen. Details and other interests... here.

Running out of space on a modern display, so I'll wrap this one up. Check out the header links for anything I might've skipped, and feel free to contact me for anything else you'd like to know :)