Tin's Website

So there's someone interested in how this thing works, great!


I try to keep this website simple, as a person focused primarily on functionality of things. However, I do keep some principles in its design, as well:


Now we've gotten the aims out of the way, what's the functionality?

Flask logo

Majority of the text is written in Markdown (as I prefer to reuse it). I use markdown2 as a parser which turns it into HTML. That HTML is then served via Flask and Jinja. Using these light ~frameworks~ modules, lets me customize whatever I need, wherever I need it.

As mentioned, most of the website is in markdown, but where I do need to get involved, I just edit the templates or add custom files/implementations.

It boils down to a bare-html (so blazing fast) website, customized through a reusable language. It's fun to edit and no hassle to upkeep. :)

I intend to put the website's repo public soon, after I clean up the deployment and get rid of artifacts. WHen I do, I'll gladly share it here.