Tin's Website

So there's someone interested in how this thing works, great!


I try to keep this website simple, as a person focused primarily on functionality of things. However, I do keep some principles in its design, as well:


Now we've gotten the aims out of the way, what's the functionality?

Flask logo

Majority of the text is written in Markdown (as I prefer to reuse it). I use markdown2 as a parser which turns it into HTML. That HTML is then served via Flask and Jinja. Using these light modules, lets me customize whatever I need, wherever I need it.

As mentioned, most of the website is in markdown, but where I do need to get involved, I just edit the templates or add custom files/implementations.

I've also integrated some analytics from Goat Counter as free and open analytics. They help me track traffic and see usage, but are completely impersonal and as such privacy friendly. In case JS/domain is blocked, there's no circumvention via pixels or middleware - I respect the choice.

It boils down to a mainly html (so blazing fast) website, customized through a reusable language. It's fun to edit and no hassle to upkeep. :)

I intend to put the website's repo public soon, after I clean up the deployment and get rid of artifacts. WHen I do, I'll gladly share it here.