I enjoy the full experience of drinking tea. From the smell of leaves before they're prepared - to the warming of vessels - and thorough the numerous infusions brought out in several steepings. I usually prepare my tea the Gong Fu style, the "artsy" brewing method.

Not that I wouldn't enjoy a teabag of black, with a dash of milk. That got me through my education, in earnest.

So, I usually organize a tea ceremony every now and then to share some of my stash with others and calm after a busy work day. Feel free to reach out in case you're somewhere nearby and this sounds appealing.

As for the teas themselves, I don't usually have favourites, but as whimsy would make me pick, I'll write some about:

Four Famous Rock Wulongs (alternate spelling for oolong), and one I've had most, Da Hong Pao. These are teas of Wuyi Mountains and they exhibit a taste reminiscent of a mountain. Strong, indomitable, experience that mellows out into easy drinking over the infusions. Would definitely recommend any of these teas.